The Whistle Club is born

The Whistle Club is an organization for the enjoyment and performance of whistling. The club welcomes all people who share our enthusiasm and will meet fortnightly for the practice and performance of whistling and discussion of the future of The Whistle Club. Currently, The Whistle Club has two founding members me, Aisha Christison, and Claire Hazelton, we are looking for others to join us in reviving the obsolete art of whistling and using the club as a way to meet new people and possibly see new places.

The club has a collective philosophy in that all get creative input into what we as a club get up to from song choice to performance ideas and hopefully much more. I have my own ambitions for the club, which are for it to gain many vibrant and talented members who will meet fortnightly to form a whistling choir performing whistling barbershop or classical  and popular music that will eventually tour London and possibly the nation performing for local communities. I also hope to take the Whistle Club to the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London to perform at an event called Everything, that I organize and finally to perform at my degree show at Chelsea College of Art in June 2012. These are my ambitions, but I hope with new members we can expand the vision of The Whistle Club into greater places, as long as that place isn’t Britain’s Got Talent!

This blog acts as the online hub of the Whistle Club where we can discuss plans, share our favourite whistling past times, videos, photographs and anything related to Whistling or The Whistle Club. All members will be able to access the blog and make posts.

Welcome to the site of the fledgling Whistle Club, all we need now is more fellow whistlers. If you would like to join us please email me


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